Community Services



Global Client Resource

By attending Kingfa Supply Chain Conference, periodical seminar, energy & chemistry club, industrial associations and meetings, Kingfa shares abundant market resource withyou including over 10,000 clients in automobile, household appliance, IT, communication, OA, lighting and 600 global suppliers. We believe face-to-face communications with the leaders of upstream and downstream companies are conducive to your industry access and market expansion.

State R&D Platform

Top technological hardware facilities and equipments are shared in the park, elite R&D team made up of over 100 doctors and 600 masters will offer you technological consultancy and assistance. Technical inspection at the most preferential price gains wide praise, opportunities for communicating with experts in quarterly academic conference are waiting for you! 

Financial Service Across the Globe

With our capital strength, Kingfa, one of the largest private enterprise in Guangzhou, has invested and become controlling shareholders of many excellent enterprises. On the one hand, we set up Kingfa Incubation Fund to reduce the financing cost and solve the financing difficulties for SMEs. On the other hand, Kingfa will offer diversified investment and financing services by sharing our superior resource in banks, micro-loan companies, VC capital and Kingfa Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd. 

Meanwhile, with the Incubation Fund as its core, multi-dimensional capital is introduced to build the industry-finance service platform. This platform provide multi-level financial  services for scientific and technological enterprises, and high-potential scientific and technological projects for financial institutions, so as to offer our best services and maximize the policy support for enterprises.

Startup Guidance

Kingfa Innovation Community established a strong team of multi-level startup tutors, a perfect tutor working mechanism and startup service system. Specialized tutors are hired to offer assistance and training such as mock startup course. We make good use of the tutors and state expert & talent pool to build a cutting-edge thinktank, solving your difficulties in management, marketing, R&D, manufacture, supply chain and innovation in business model.

Accompanied Incubation

Top technological hardware facilities and equipment, elite R&D team made up of over 100 doctors and 600 masters will offer accompanied support for enterprise incubation.



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