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Founded in 1993, Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. is an advanced material enterprise focusing on the research, development, production, sales and service of advanced high-performance chemical materials, and providing advanced material solutions for creating a safer, more comfortable and more convenient life. Kingfa is committed to solving the increasingly severe environmental problems, actively responding to the challenges brought about by the changes in the global environment, and promoting the continuous improvement of living environment by balancing economic, environmental and social relations to achieve sustainable development and create a better life.

Kingfa is headquartered in Guangzhou Science City with 47 subsidiaries across the world, there are R&D and production bases in overseas regions including South Asia, North America, and Europe. Our products are mainly developed by independent innovation, covering six major products with independent intellectual property rights including modified plastics, complete biodegradable plastics, high-performance carbon fiber and composite materials, specialty engineering plastics, light hydrocarbon and hydrogen energy, and environmental-friendly high-performance recycled plastics. Kingfa’s products are widely used in various industries including automobiles, household appliances, modern agriculture, rail transit, aerospace, high-end equipment, new energy, communications, electrical and electronic components, and architectural decoration. Owing to good environmental friendliness and excellent performance, Kingfa’s materials have been exported to more than 130 countries and regions, serving and establishing strategic partnership with more than 1,000 well-known enterprises around the world. 

At present, Kingfa is one of the companies with the most complete product categories in global advanced chemical material industry. Kingfa is the largest modified plastics production company in the Asia-Pacific region with the most complete product range. For complete biodegradable plastics, specialty engineering plastics and thermoplastic composite materials, Kingfa’s technology and product quality has reached the international advanced level, and our market share is growing rapidly. We have gradually realized the upgrade from modified plastics to advanced chemical materials, expanded from functional materials to structural materials, and the product structure continues to extend to the high-end and high value-added industries.

Products are the foundation of enterprise competition. In order to ensure the continuous innovation of products, with the R&D concept of “independent innovation, leading technology, and product superiority”, relying on the support of National Enterprise Technology Center, State Key Laboratory, National Engineering Laboratory and National Advanced Polymer Material Industry Innovation Center, Kingfa has established the strategic "13551" R&D system. In 2018, with the foundation of the National Industrial Innovation Center, the integration of state, industry and local innovation resources, focusing on the urgent needs of the transformation and upgrading of the polymer material industry and the development of high-end products, Kingfa established the efficient operation mechanism with company as the main body, capital as the link, and major tasks as driving force. The mechanism promotes the deep integration of technology and capital, shares the platforms and achievements.

Kingfa continued to invest 4% of its revenue in research and development. In 2019, Kingfa R&D expenses reached 1.17 billion yuan. Meanwhile, Kingfa also vigorously implements the innovation talent project, and utilizes the policies including the National Thousand Talents Program and Guangdong Innovation Leadership Team Program to recruit global high-level scientific research talents. We have 1081 R&D personnel, accounting for 16.47% of total employees. The research and development team composed of 15 academicians, more than 130 doctors and over 600 masters, and the company has independently trained 2 key candidates for academicians in Guangdong Province and 5 experts who are awarded with the State Council special allowance.

Kingfa has accumulatively applied for 2983 China invention patents and 181 PCT patents. The company has won 3 national scientific and technological progress second prizes, 15 scientific and technological progress awards at provincial and ministerial level, and 15 China Patent Awards (Excellent Award).

Kingfa adheres to the strategic thinking of "strengthening the middle, expanding both ends, advanced technology, and exceptional development", and strives to build a world-class R&D, marketing, manufacturing, and information platform by 2025 to achieve the company's strategic goals and become a global leader in advanced chemical materials, providing support for national strategic materials.

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